Aug 30 2008

You Cannot Afford a $350,000 Home with a $75,000 Household Income!

You would think that before people make the largest financial decision in their lives, they would do a monthly budget first.  Yet during this past decade budgets were hardly brought to the forefront and were pushed to the back of any financial decisions.  The new definition of housing affordability should include the idea of maintaining […]

Aug 26 2008

Foreclosure Cassandra: The Tangled Housing Web: Looking the Other way While Mortgage Fraud runs Rampant.

Today a reader sent in a link to an article that was published in the Fort Worth Weekly regarding predatory lending and how Americans are being put in the poor house.  Does this story sound familiar?  For all the rhetoric about people not seeing this crisis coming there has now been a release that the […]

Aug 25 2008

Global Markets: World Stock Markets Feeling the Pain of the Credit and Housing Crisis.

There have been many theories floating around the financial press that the world markets are now independent and that having a global depression like times in the past was highly unlikely.  For the most part, since the credit crisis took on a full head of steam in August of 2007 most world markets are falling […]

Aug 21 2008

Housing Bottom: Futures Market Puts a Bottom at May 2010 Nationally. 17% More to go.

The idea of a housing bottom is intriguing.  First, we need to put the entire housing rise to fame in perspective.  Housing has never declined on a year over year basis since the Great Depression (that is until this current housing market).  That is an astonishing accomplishment in itself and it is easy to understand […]

Aug 18 2008

How to Invest Wisely and Diversify: 3 Current Economic Issues. Gold, World Currency Reserves, and World Housing Bubbles.

I’ve done my best to remain diversified. I don’t mean simply having 10% in a global mutual fund, 20% in a small-cap fund, 40% in a blue chip fund, and 30% in bonds. You can rearrange the numbers a bit but there is this intense belief bordering on religion that by having your money in […]

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