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10 Day Money Boot CampIf you have the desire to manage and control your money but keep putting the day of taking charge into the future – you’re not alone.

10 Day Money Boot Camp is a downloadable e-book built to invigorate your finances and give you 10 money areas that hamper most Americans from financial freedom.

Each section contains:

1.  Theory to practice methods – something you can APPLY each day.

2.  Teaching – each day you will be given unconventional perspectives on MANAGING your money.

The purpose of this approach is to stand current conventional financial wisdom on its head so you can come away learning stronger methods of managing your money.




“I’ve been a reader of for a few years and wanted to thank for this book!  A book that looks out for the middle class and our financial concerns.”

Elaine B.

Who is this book for?

10 Day Money Boot Camp is for people wanting to get control of their money but who also value their time:

those who believe current conventional financial wisdom has missed something for most Americans.

those who want to grow and understand a comprehensive approach of controlling their money.

if you are the type of person that desires control over your money instead of money controlling you.

By the end of the 10 Days you’ll learn:

how current wisdom on real estate has pushed many Americans into a financial black hole.

learn methods of building an emergency fund with little pain.

building and implementing a full monthly budget to control your money.

developing a strategy to find additional income through intelligent use of your time.

designing a plan to avoid most of the common banking pitfalls that most Americans encounter.

“A practical and applied way of putting everything together in a simple and easy to understand format.”

-Jake L.


About the Author

I started the blog My Budget 360 a few years ago because of the lack of helpful comprehensive financial literature out in the market.  It seemed that most books did not prepare Americans for the current economic challenges that we face.  It was my desire to put out information from an applied perspective to help those that wanted to approach finances from an unconventional perspective.  If you have a desire to learn from someone that has applied theory to practice then this is a book that will click with your goals.  I really believe that no one will care about your money as much as you do.

10 Day Money Boot Camp

The site has reached over 7,000,000 visitors and continues to grow.  If you are the type of person who wants to succeed with their money 10 Day Money Boot Camp will give you a comprehensive perspective of approaching your money.

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This book contains over 100 pages of material and is ready for your download right now.  You can order it here.

At $0.49 per daily financial section this is a resource that will pay for itself over the first week and will yield continued money saving tips for years to come.  You owe it to yourself to gain a control over your finances.

Join the community of over 7,000,000 readers and grab control of your money with 10 Day Money Boot Camp.