Jan 31 2010

The Unemployment and Jobless Recovery Myth – California Average Underemployment Rate for 2009 at 21 Percent. The Middle Class Destruction through Unemployment Corporate Jargon.

It is amazing how many financial analysts usually from the too big to fail banks have gone onto the media circuit to claim that employment is always a lagging indicator in economic recoveries.  They preach this belief as if it were a law like thermodynamics.  These same people who never envisioned a stock market collapse […]

Jan 28 2010

Game Over for the American Middle Class – Inflation Adjusted Wages up 20 Percent in Last 20 Years While Housing Costs are up 56 Percent and Healthcare Costs are up 155 Percent.

The struggle for average Americans to keep up is largely becoming an act of will power and force in this current grand recession.  Now you wouldn’t think that there is a definite war raging against the middle class if you simply follow the mainstream media but the facts speak to a more distilled and corporatized […]

Jan 26 2010

Commercial Real Estate and Tishman and Blackrock Walking Away from a $4.4 Billion CRE Deal. How to Lose 66 Percent on an 11,000 Unit Property. Why Walking Away from CRE is no different from Walking Away from Residential Real Estate.

It is becoming more of a preferred strategy to systematically walk away from commercial real estate debt.  We have now had two large Wall Street organizations in Morgan Stanley and Tishman and Blackrock Inc. deciding, by voluntary choice, to walk away from their contractual obligations on commercial real estate.  Now much has been made regarding […]

Jan 23 2010

The Rise of the Cashier and Retail Salesperson Economy – Employment and the Evolving Job Market of the United States – 8 Million Jobs Lost in this Recession but Deeper Financial Changes are Coming.

The recession that started in December of 2007 is still causing jobs losses even after 25 long and agonizing months.  Most Americans still feel that the economy is deep in the midst of a serious correction.  Since the recession started non-farm employment has shrunk from 138.152 million to 130.91 million.  Officially over 7.2 million jobs […]

Jan 21 2010

Oil has Crushed the Suburban Homeowner Dream – How $75 a Barrel Oil no longer Supports New Home Construction in Distant Areas. Case study of Riverside and San Bernardino Foreclosures and Housing.

The peak of $147 for a barrel of oil seems to be a long gone memory.  Yet oil per barrel is still up over $75, a long cry from the $20 barrel many became accustomed to.  I have been mulling this issue over for a few months because few people are even considering oil prices […]

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