Mar 27 2008

Worst Ever Housing Market in California: The Numbers Revealed.

It is clearly no surprise to anyone that housing is in a major slump across the country. What seems to be taking people by surprise is the rapidity of how quickly the market is retracting all the gains that it had made during the previous years. California faced many of the benefits during the peak […]

Mar 25 2008

Housing Market: Case-Shiller 10 City Index Worst Drop Since 1987.

The Case-Shiller Index, which tracks same home sales over a period of time instead of aggregate median prices per month, has dropped nearly 10.7 percent on a year over year basis.  Most analyst favor the Case-Shiller Index because it looks at a single home and tracks it historically over time giving a better and more […]

Mar 17 2008

Bear Stearns: The Rise and Fall of the Mighty Bear.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are probably aware of the JP Morgan/Fed orchestrated bailout. The amazing thing about this entire situation is how quickly Bear Stearns went under. In the matter of one year, the once fifth largest investment bank was bought out for a pittance of its once mighty price. Bear […]

Mar 13 2008

Privacy Policy

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Mar 9 2008

Warren Buffet: Dow 24,000,000. Impossible Returns in an Impossible Stock Market. California Housing $3.4 Million Median.

Many of you I am sure have followed the investment advice from the richest man in the world, Mr. Warren Buffet. There is good reason to follow the Oracle from Omaha. Take a look at historical returns from his Berkshire Hathaway:

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