Feb 17 2009

Suburb Cat Thousandaire: How Americans Lost a Decade of Wealth through Debt and Listening to the Banking and Housing Industry.

Not all that glitters is gold.  And not everyone touting to be a financial expert should be regarded as such.  Americans have lived in what could be considered a decade built on a debt façade.  As many Americans strolled their neighborhoods, possibly taking the dog out for a walk, many suddenly would come across a […]

Dec 6 2008

Investing in the S & P 500: Is the Market Really at a Bottom? Examining data from 1936 through 2008. Stocks Still Overpriced even after $6 Trillion in Market Cap gone from the Index.

Investing in 2008 has been anything but easy for most Americans.  The economy officially entered into recession in December of 2007 and ever since, we have experienced the strongest volatility ever recorded.  Extreme market volatility as I had discussed in a previous article is a telltale sign that the market is in severe distress and […]

Nov 9 2008

Bear Market Rallies: Beware the Siren Call of Volatile Economic Markets.

It is understandable after the record fall of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from a peak of slightly over 14,000 in August of 2007 to a low reached last month of slightly over 8,000 that many are eager to search for a bottom.  It is a tempting path to follow especially when the market is […]

Aug 8 2008

How to Become Wealthy: Redefining the Idea of Money in Hard Economic Times.

Learning to become wealthy is hard enough during good economic times.  It may feel downright impossible when the economy hits a slump.  It is a fascinating case study the past decade we have lived in.  The concept of “money” and “wealth” and “debt” have all been used interchangeably.  I think this is a common misconception […]

Jul 14 2008

FDIC: Punishing Savers: How the United States Encourages Irresponsible Financial Management. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

The FDIC insurers deposits at most institutions up to $100,000 for individual accounts. Many people haven’t put this to the test until the recent collapse and takeover of IndyMac Bank based out of Southern California. The bank when taken over had $32 billion in assets and $19 billion in deposits. $1 billion in these deposits […]

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