Jan 3 2008

Credit Consolidation Ideas: Using Prosper and Balance Transfers

Debt has a way of holding you down. It may start out with a very tiny amount, maybe a gift purchase or a vacation, but little by little that tiny debt has ballooned into an unmanageable amount of debt that is making it hard for you to save. I was watching Larry King last night and his guest was Suze Orman. She mentioned that the average credit card debt for Americans is $9,000 with an average interest rate of 17 percent. Just to put this into perspective, if you were able to get 17 percent on your investments you would be a millionaire in no time. So what are some steps in combating debt? Read More

Jan 2 2008

Oil Peaks at $100, Gold up $25, and Stocks Down. Where to Invest to Preserve Your Wealth?

Welcome to myBudget360! The purpose of this site is to give you investing ideas during a bear market that we are entering into. Most of the conventional wisdom regarding conservative investing usually skips over the Great Depression. Keep in mind that during this time stocks lost over 90 percent of their value. It would have taken 25 years to reach the peak that was reached in 1929. During the roaring 20s, we had was termed the “Coolidge Prosperity” and much like today, discretionary spending was through the roof. The 1920s also saw a real estate bubble in Florida. Yet toward the end of the decade a massive excess in consumption was taking over and the air was full with the sense of a massive correction. Take a look at the chart below:

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