What are the best jobs of 2008?

As the economy evolves and takes a different course, what are the best jobs for 2008? Almost with a process of elimination, we can assume that the jobs that are contracting the most have much to do with housing and finance. In the midst of all of this there are still many bright spots to look at. MSNBC has an interesting article discussing the current state of jobs for 2008:

  • Computer software engineers (the #4 fastest growing job) had the highest median income in 2006, coming in at more than $79,000.
  • Veterinarians (the #9 fastest growing job) are close behind with a median income of nearly $72,000.
  • Financial analysts and advisors place next in terms of salary (#12 and #6) at $66,000 median income for each.
  • Dental hygienists (#18) are also well compensated at a median of nearly $63,000.

Also, there will be new jobs given the “green revolution” and money flowing into environment friendly jobs. Given the incredible rise in energy cost expect jobs in renewable energy to also be hitting a stride in the upcoming years.

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  1. Minimum Wage said:

    That’s nice, but those jobs require expensive training/education some people can’t afford.

    February 24th, 2008 at 11:24 am
  2. mybudget360 said:

    Not necessarily. In California, you can pay $20 a unit for community college and become a dental hygienist in 2 years. Or a financial analyst, you can go to a community college for 2 years with government aid, transfer to a Cal State and be done with your bachelors under $5,000. An incredible opportunity for those that want a decent income. If we value education as a means of higher pay and a better lifestyle, these investments are well worth it.

    Of course vet school requires more money but there are many other positions that pay well with only a 2 year degree.

    February 24th, 2008 at 12:21 pm


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