Apr 28 2008

Rebate Checks Go Out Tonight: Too Little Too Late.

The much anticipated rebate checks start going out today. In fact, over the next few weeks $110 billion will be sent out to the American public. This week, only electronic deposits will occur with paper checks being sent out later. There seems to be a contingency of people who believe that this is enough to […]

Apr 11 2008

California Mortgage Rates Still High: Examining Actual Mortgage Products in Today’s Market and the Family Budget Impact.

As the housing market continues to slump forward, there are many unintended consequences cropping up all over the country. For one, the intent of the Federal Reserve to inject liquidity into the markets was to bring back confidence in an environment that is cautious about credit. As we are approaching another 1 percent interest rate […]

Apr 2 2008

$231 Billion in Writedowns and Credit Losses: The List of Mortgage Players Grows Larger.

Yesterday UBS AG said it would write down a staggering $19 billion on assets connected to mortgage assets. The figure is staggering yet the market rallied nearly 400 points on this news. Have we reached a turning point where writedowns simply do not matter? This figure was the largest since the writedowns started last year. […]

Mar 9 2008

Warren Buffet: Dow 24,000,000. Impossible Returns in an Impossible Stock Market. California Housing $3.4 Million Median.

Many of you I am sure have followed the investment advice from the richest man in the world, Mr. Warren Buffet. There is good reason to follow the Oracle from Omaha. Take a look at historical returns from his Berkshire Hathaway:

Feb 29 2008

Where should you put Your Money? Investing in a Recessionary Environment.

In two days, the market relinquished all weekly gains and looking at market fundamentals there really is very little doubt as to why this occurred. This past week, the two large mortgage behemoths Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced record quarterly losses. We also got a report that the housing market dropped at its fastest […]

Feb 24 2008

What are the best jobs of 2008?

As the economy evolves and takes a different course, what are the best jobs for 2008? Almost with a process of elimination, we can assume that the jobs that are contracting the most have much to do with housing and finance. In the midst of all of this there are still many bright spots to […]

Feb 22 2008

Sharper Image out of Focus in Current Economy

Sharper Image, the high end uber gadget seller, recently filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11. Another sign that the times are now changing as reported by the New York Times:

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